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We recognise that quality, health and safety and environmental management are an integral part of our business. These are a primary responsibility of our management team and key to good business practice when it comes to adopting appropriate quality standards.

Company Policy

Our company quality policy calls for continuous improvement in our quality management activities & business and is conducted according to the principles that we agree to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all times.

  • To Follow a concept of continuous improvement and make best use of management resources in all quality matters.

  • To communicate quality objectives and performance against these objectives throughout the company and to other interested parties.

  • To take due care to ensure that activities are safe for employees, associates & subcontractors and others who come into contact with our work.

  • To work closely with our customers and suppliers to establish the highest quality standards.

  • To adopt a forward looking view on future business decisions which may have quality impacts.

  • To Train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of quality management.

Quality Assurance

Giani will ensure that our products are manufactured and tested to the currents standards in UKAS, HOKLAS and CNAS accredited test laboritorie. All test reports and documents are stored on our database so that they may be instantly accessed, test reports nearing the end of their life are flagged up and product re-tested.

Giani prides itself on putting the customer first, closesly liasing with them to ensure that all their requirements are met to ensure that they receieve a quality product they are delifghed with and are proud to sell with confidence.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control department has an excellent reputation for improving and maintaining the qualkity of the products to ensure that the quality is correct and as per the customers' requirements.

Using our customer specificiation and Gold seal samples for reference, all goods are assessed for quality of manufactur, artwork and packaging.

Our highly experienced technicians and quality experts all have previous experience in their chosen field and across related product categories attained through careets within established global test houses, manufacuring and European retailers.

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